Our water is blessed into holy water by hands of God.  By hands of God, we mean a priest, churchman, clergyman, cleric, curate, divine, ecclesiastic, elder, father, friar, holy man, lama, monk, padre, pontiff, preacher, rabbi, rector, sky pilot, or vicar.

Our future goal is to have a clergy from every faith bless each bottle of Holy Drinking Water™.

Applying to bless our water.  We are currently accepting applications for blessing our drinking water.  You must be an ordained clergy to apply.  All participant's information is kept highly confidential.


Holy Drinking Water Future


Holy Drinking Water™ future
Wayne Enterprises is not planning on making profit from the sales of Holy Drinking Water™.  It is our intent to nurture this project until it can sustain itself.  We will then create a Non-profit organization to continue this cause and select clergy from multiple faiths to run the organization.  We would like to see the sales from Holy Drinking Watercreate scholarships, fund social or humanitarian projects that better man kind, and promote faith in God.

  • Blessing by Catholic priest
    Blessing by Anglican Communion priest
    Blessing by Presbyterian Clergy